Sunday, February 12, 2006

Symposium on Modeling and Experiments in Nanomechanics and Nanomaterials

2006 IMECE, Chicago, IL

Sessions: 4 (with 4-5 speakers per session)

Scope of the Symposium:

The symposium will address recent trends in nanomechanics and nanomaterials. Since the late eighties starting with the invention of atomic force microscopy (AFM) in 1986, the investigation of phenomena at the nanoscale has become more prominent. At the same time, the number of the engineering disciplines affected by the emergence of such studies has steadily increased encompassing physics, chemistry, materials, mechanics, and biology. Two of the key disciplines in this area are nanomechanics and nanomaterials. The contributions will include, but will not be limited to, atomistic/continuum computations, nanocomposites, novel experimental techniques, nanomechanics in biology, etc. The cross-disciplinary contributions are particularly welcome.

Contact Information of Organizers:

Dr. Yozo Mikata
Structural Mechanics Development, Lockheed Martin
P.O. Box 1072, Schenectady, NY 12301-1072
T: 518-395-7448 F: 518-395-5279 E:

Dr. Jeffrey W. Kysar
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Columbia University
New Cork, NY 10027 T: 212-854-7432 F: 212-854-3304 E:

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